About Professional Whistler Whistling Tom

Child Whistler

Whistling Tom began whistling as a child to pass the time. It came naturally to him. People always commented on his whistling, so he stuck with it. By the age of 30, people began calling him "Whistling Tom" and that name has stuck with him.

 Whistling Performer

In Philadelphia, when he was tending bar on South Street, customers would specifically visit the bar just to hear him whistle their requests. Philadelphia-based Evening Magazine and its national affiliate PM Magazine invited him to do segments on their shows. After that he performed often in Philadelphia and, at one time, established a telephone answering service called Whistling Tom's 24 hour Hot Line for Listenin' to Whistlin' where he would receive an average of 1200 calls per day from people throughout the United States & Canada.

Key West Whistler

Tom regularly performed for the Elder Hostel in Key West. Tom also sang second tenor with the Keys Chorale and sometimes whistled to add additional flavor to the Chorale performances.

European Whistler

In the summer of 1998, he whistled his way around Europe, spending three months traveling by train and performing in many countries like Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, and the Netherlands. He performed both on street corners and in the various "busker" festivals that are popular in Europe during the summer months.

Whistling Techniques

There are various types of whistlers such as the pucker whistler, the tongue & teeth whistler, the tongue and palate whistler, and the ventriloqual or throat whistler. The usual range of the average whistler is an octave and a half. Most whistlers whistle only on the out breath but some whistle both in and out, and still retain pitch and tone ... as does Whistlin Tom.

Whistling Sailor

Tom lived aboard his sailboat, a 44' CSY cutter rigged sloop (Pieces of Eight), in the Caribbean for several years in the early nineties and earned money for rice, beans and diesel fuel by whistling in various towns in the Virgin Islands. Tom had a 100 ton Ocean Masters license and also worked as a charter boat captain.

Whistling Tom- The Puckulatory Pirate

Whistling Tom Whistling and Leading a Key West Parade
Whistling and leading a Key West Parade.

Tom was named Whistling Entertainer of the Year 2007.

Whistling Tom Accepting Whistling Award from Fred Neuman, Author of the book "Mouth Sounds."
Tom Accepting championship whistling award from Fred Newman, the author of "Mouth Sounds.".